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The suffix “plasty” in the name of many plastic surgery operations means: to shape, mold or form. It comes from the Greek work plasticos. Abdominoplasty is surgery that shapes the abdomen.

A “tummy tuck” as it’s often called uses advanced surgical techniques to tighten the muscles and remove excess skin and fat. The operation takes about two hours and does what few other plastic surgery operations do. It can result in a fit, rock hard abdomen.

We most often do what we call a “full tummy tuck”, in which the benefit of the surgery goes all the way from the pubis to the rib cage. Abdominal scars and striae (stretch marks) are often removed as a normal part of the procedure. The incision, while the primary concern of every pre operative patient is rarely an issue post-op. It heals well and is easily concealed in even risque’ fashions.

Sometimes a “mini-tummy tuck” is recommended. It is an abbreviated operation intended for those who just have a problem from the belly button downwards. The incision is shorter too, not unlike a C-Section incision but better, obviously. We sometimes refer to the combination of breast augmentation or lifting and a mini tummy tuck as the “Mommy Make-over”. Because it restores the attributes that childbirth of two or three children tend to take away.

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