Plastic Surgery Testimonials Beverly Hills

“Dr. Ordon is very concerned with making any changes look completely natural & not overdone. He made me feel very relaxed & comfortable from my first visit & I’m so glad I stuck with him. I went back for a second procedure & was equally thrilled, as with the first.“

“Dr. Ordon exuded knowledge and experience during my diagnosis. He listened carefully to my concerns and with added knowledge offered me comfort and assurance of the procedure that would best suit me regarding my complications. I would recommend Dr. Ordon to everyone I know. The end result was greater than what I expected. He continued to see me post op till he knew I was happy with the final result. A truly sincere, professional and honest doctor.”

“Thank you Dr. Ordon for my surgical experience and especially the outcome. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for being so kind.”

“Dr. Ordon is AMAZING!!! He performed a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty on me and was GREAT! Friends that I’ve shown my breasts say that I have one of the best breast augmentation jobs they’ve ever seen! Soooooo happy with the results!!!“

“After making a life altering decision to lose weight to offset a life threatening cirrhosis of the liver Stage 4 (from a fatty liver), I worked with a team of Physicians from Beverly Hills called the Khalili Center. With their support and guidance I made the necessary changes in my life to give me a new lease on life. The final stage was to remove the excessive skin that damaged my self esteem. The results of the surgery was a huge success. Dr. Ritu Chopra was a member of this team to guide me through my final stage of my recovery. I based the effectiveness of my doctors through (1) their expertise and experience in the field; (2) the interpersonal skills they have to make me feel at ease as to the decisions I need to make; and (3) the staff that supports them during any and all the procedures. My experience was so successful that I would recommend his services and those of his staff to anyone in need of his specialty. I felt part of the family/team. Although scared to go through the procedure, I would do it again in heartbeat because of the care and treatment I received, Because of this success, I am a better person and as a speaker of national reform of public schools, my energy level will bring about positive learning results to millions of children. I thank Dr. Ritu Chopra and his team of professionals for a life altering positive change. Gary D. Soto, President and Owner of Action Learning Systems.”

“Dr Chopra is by far the best choice I could’ve made for my cosmetic procedures. He is skilled and highly knowledgeable in his areas of practice. I felt comfortable with him from the consulting phase all the way through to the completion of my procedures. He took the time to explain and answer all of my questions. He even went out of his way during the procedure to ensure that it was done properly and to an excellent standard. I will be going to him in the near future for any other procedures I will be having and I look forward to having him as my physician.”

” I am so happy to have found Dr Chopra. He is not only a remarkable surgeon, but he is just a down to earth caring person. I had my face done with fat transfer, and although I was scared, he talked me through everything and now I just look like a better, fresher version of myself…..Thank God because we all have seen those disaster facelifts walking around Beverly Hills!!!”